Overlooking the kitchen,The Chef’s Table at Parlour, is available for lunch and dinner on Fridays only.
We take bookings only 3 months in advance, and on the first of every month release the tickets for the table for the whole month 2 months preceding (i.e 1st of June, we will offer all of the dates in August).
It is an exceptionally requested table, and sadly there is only one table and only one CHEF!
Please be patient and understanding.
Some have described eating on here as a TSUNAMI of FOOD, Others as have described as ‘Dinner & a Show’.
We don’t warn you too much about the experience, and recommend that you don’t research it too much in advance.
Mystery is all part of the fun.
If you don’t see the dates you want, or are having trouble with the group size. We also have a much more accessible 10 Course Tasting Menu available, open from 1 person to a group of up to 10, everyday served in our dining room.
And at only £45pp – inquire here.